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Handbell with wooden handle and engraving


Product description:

Handbells are used to gain attention. Everyone knows scenes with an auctioneer who is conducting an auction with a handbell. But they also serve as a musical instrument and have a long tradition, such as in handbell choirs, for example.

Our handbells consist of a 9- or 12-cm brass body which is mounted on a prim handle made from dark wood. You can engrave the bell to delight a loved or to make for attention-getting advertising for your company. Handbells are suitable as gifts for many occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. Make an impact with a very special gift and an engraving that remains forever. Moreover, a handbell makes for a great club bell, too.

Product configuration

The current price of your configuration will be displayed in real time on the right side.

Size Weight Rows & characters Engraving base price Product price
Ø 9 cm 1.00 kg 3 Rows with 16 Characters 38.00 EUR 29.80 EUR
Ø 12 cm 1.50 kg 4 Rows with 24 Characters 44.00 EUR 39.90 EUR
Font ( Large display )
Name Example Character price
A1 1.08 EUR
B1 1.08 EUR
D1 1.08 EUR
K1 1.08 EUR
A2 1.35 EUR
E2 1.35 EUR
K2 1.35 EUR
Label ( Spaces are not calculated )
Row 1: still 16 Characters
Row 2: still 16 Characters
Row 3: still 16 Characters

Motif ( You can choose a motif if you wish )
No motif selected

If a logo is selected, two fewer rows can be engraved

17.20 EUR
17.20 EUR
17.20 EUR
17.20 EUR
22.36 EUR
22.36 EUR
22.36 EUR
22.36 EUR
22.36 EUR
22.36 EUR
22.36 EUR

Engraving colour
Colour Price
Black +0.00 EUR
Grey +4.90 EUR
White +4.90 EUR
Red +4.90 EUR
Green +4.90 EUR
Blue +4.90 EUR
Beige +4.90 EUR

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Delivery time of 2 weeks   Delivery time of 2 weeks
67.80 EUR
(excl. VAT: 56.97 EUR)

Price structure

Article number: #2261
Product price: 29.80 EUR
Engraving base price: 38.00 EUR
Engraving text: 0.00 EUR
Engraving image: 0.00 EUR
Engraving colour: 0.00 EUR
Gift packaging: 0.00 EUR